Welcome all,

My mission is to maintain the perspective of the human condition at the hope of making it better. We should remember the whimsicalness of childhood and cling to our innocence before and while it was being violated to teach us to compromise and follow those who mean to make us sheep. My art will never be compromised. This is not just another version of Dali-esque pretentiousness, but an animal all its own that gets the cerebral response that there is more than meets the eye. I invite you in to share my thoughts and perspective in this on going discussion of art and life.

So take your time and check out my work and if you want to comment or purchase any of the collectable items available here, contact me through email or telephone.

Thank you, and may the art be with you.



The year is now MMXV - The planet in the milky way known as Earth is in great turmoil. While leaders of nations ponder the fate of their respective peoples, an underlining sinister presence has kept the planet at war indefinitely. Now, it seems the only hope lies, not with the leaders, but with the international language of the Fine Arts. With theatrical portrayals, dances, sculptures, pictures and music, the artist can give us hope and vision through these various mediums.

This chapter brings us to the North side of Chicago, where an oil painter and song writer known as Stuke, paints with the purpose of expanding the perspective of the human condition with the hope of making it better. A surrealist at heart, pretty much in every aspect of his every day life, this, now (finally), emerging artist is presenting on this site, not just images of the mind, but, of emotions and thoughts in an exploration of his viewpoint through his world and environment.

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via E-mail: stuke@stukeart.com or telephone: 847.475.5750